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Water Soluble Oils

Heavy Duty Vegetable Oil Micro-Emulsion Metal Working Coolant


Dascool 2227B is a heavy duty coolant, free of chlorine and sulfur, designed specifically to resist splitting when exposed to the high levels of dissolved magnesium and aluminum encountered when machining or grinding many of the harder alloys of aluminum. It is non-staining to most cast and extruded aluminum grades under normal processing conditions.

Addiotnally, Dascool 2227B performs well on ferrous alloys, including high carbon and tool steel grades, in operations as diverse as creep feed grinding and gun drilling. In many cases, overall performance is improved over traditional chlorinated soluble oils.

Dascool 2227B is formulated to create a hostile environment to resist the proliferation of bacteria. The result is greatly extended sump life with little or no need for tankside additives.

Dascool 2227B utilizes a vegetable oil additive for increased lubricity, better tool life, and excellent surface finishes.


  • + Greatly extended sump life with virtual elimination of additives
  • + Vegetable oil additive for better tool life and surface finishes
  • + Excellent potential for recycling with coalescing units and centrifuges
  • + Multi-metal compatible
  • + Environment compliance; free of chlorinated paraffin, nitrite, nitrate, phenol, chlorine
  • + Reduces mist and residue
  • + High detergency keeps wheels, machinery and machine surfaces clean
  • + Residues are readily resoluble


Dascool 2227B is recommended for stainless steels, cast and forged steels, and most cast and extruded aluminums in operations of moderate to high severity. Dilution ratios will vary depending on the severity of the operation involved. A guideline for concentrations is 5% through 10% for machining. For grinding, a range of 5% through 6% is usual. Optimal bioresistance and longevity are attained when the product is charged into a clean machine and the concentration maintained at 5% minimum.